Thomas Henschien


Thomas Henschien is a former News Anchor and foreign Correspondent, with 25 years experience from both the media industry and business. He is a business manager, a frequent [...]

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Øystein Dørum


Øystein Dørum is Chief Economist at NHO, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise. He is a one of the most influential economists in Norway, is frequently quoted in financial [...]

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Linn Githmark


Linn Githmark is Senior Employer Branding and HR Manager in Huawei Norway. She is a member of the local Strategic Management. Huawei Norway is a part of the [...]

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Medium Personlig


New Media: Medium Personlig Medium Personlig Dagens politiske arena er sterkt preget av at et nytt medium for kommunikasjon har oppstått med sosiale medier. Plattformer [...]

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