Thomas Henschien


Thomas Henschien is a former News Anchor and foreign Correspondent, with 25 years experience from both the media industry and business. He is a business manager, a frequent [...]

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Øystein Dørum


Øystein Dørum is Chief Economist at NHO, the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise. He is a one of the most influential economists in Norway, is frequently quoted in financial [...]

Øystein Dørum 2019-03-15T13:10:40+00:00

Linn Githmark


Linn Githmark is Senior Employer Branding and HR Manager in Huawei Norway. She is a member of the local Strategic Management. Huawei Norway is a part of the [...]

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Yngve Slyngstad


Yngve Slyngstad is Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Bank Investment Management, which is the part of the Norwegian Central Bank that is responsible for managing The Government Pension [...]

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Isabel Hilton


Isabel Hilton is an international journalist and broadcaster. She studied at the Beijing Foreign Language and Culture University and at Fudan University. She worked for the Daily Express [...]

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Adam Bodnar


Adam Bodnar is a Polish Lawyer and head of the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in Poland. He has highlighted the crucial role played by independent [...]

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