The NHH Symposium is amongst Europe’s largest student run conferences. It is held biannually by 350 students at the Norwegian School of Economics, NHH in Bergen. Over the years, NHH Symposium has been a prestigious conference in Norway. The conference is visited by approximately 400 participants from Norwegian businesses, politics and society.

The conference has been held biannually since 1983, and has had several famous guests both as participants and keynote speakers. Amongst former speakers, we find former British Prime Minister Edward Heath, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Director of GATT Arthur Dunkell, WTO Director Peter Sutherland, founder of Bodyship Anita Roddick and head of SAS Janne Carlzon. Academics such as Henry Mintzberg, Michael Porter, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Stéphane Garelli and Jay. B. Barney have also attended the conference.

The NHH Symposium has set the tone in the Norwegian debate for many years, and the conference theme has always been put in an international context. Together with hundreds of representatives from businesses, politics, academia and society, the NHH Symposium constitutes “the perfect meeting place”.