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From National- to World champions

How will we shape Norway's future the next seven years?

The perfect meeting point


The NHH Symposium 2023 marks 40 years since the first time the students at the Norwegian Business School brought together Norway's most exciting profiles from business, academia and politics to solve society's most important issues. It was described as "The perfect meeting point".

World champions in seven years

In March 2023, we again want to gather for the perfect meeting place, and again we want to look ahead in time. More specifically, we set the time horizon to 2030.


The aim of this conference is to find out how we will go from Norwegian champions to world champions.


How will Norway's leading innovation environments develop to become world champions in innovation?

How can we be a world leader in adapting our largest industrial companies to remain competitive after new regulations?

What can we learn about leadership, mindfulness, or performance to attract and develop our talents better than anyone else in the world?


The road ahead


We want to take Norway's economic, social and political conditions for the next seven years as a starting point for these discussions. Furthermore, we will take lessons from both leading figures in Norway and abroad in order to get the best answers to the questions we discuss.

For us, what is discussed on stage is as important as the discussions the conference will create among the participants. That is why we want to gather an exciting and varied group of participants composed of business profiles, lawyers, academics, politicians and students.

Because it is all of us who will shape Norway's future, and we are shaping it now.

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