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What, how, who? Implementing human rights due diligence assessments.

Are you wondering how the transparency law requirements can be implemented in your business? Get concrete and practical advice, and discuss relevant dilemmas with others in the same situation!


This workshop is hosted by Therese Jebsen and Katrine Vedeler, both of whom have extensive experience at the intersection of human rights and business.

Therese Jebsen is a senior advisor at the Rafto Foundation and was named the NHH Alumnus of the Year in 2021, while Katrine Vedeler is a senior advisor at Statkraft and a consultant for the Rafto Foundation.

Rune O. Pedersen

Crisis management – some reflections from leading PGS

During his 5 years as CEO of PGS ASA, Rune Olav Pedersen has experienced what it's like to lead a company in a highly volatile industry. He has seen the stock price rise from 14 NOK to 40 NOK, only to fall 94% from its peak during the pandemic.


The stock price is now well above 10 NOK, and PGS remains as one of the four major international seismic companies after consolidation and bankruptcies in the industry. Their ships are now sailing into brighter times, and strong growth is expected in the industry for the first time in many years.


Rune will talk about how they handled the coronavirus pandemic and how to lead a company that is constantly exposed to crises. He has experience in managing uncertainty and multiple simultaneous crises. How does one prioritize correctly in a crisis situation while also seeing opportunities for the future through restructuring?



Collaboration and team-building

To become world champions, we depend on our diverse teams functioning optimally. Start Smart is a practical, efficient, and simple tool for starting and developing teams and groups. In this workshop, you will receive an academic introduction to the tool, as well as a taste of what it's like to use Start Smart in practice. Once the workshop is completed, you can start developing your own teams immediately.

Start Smart has been developed in collaboration between consultants at AFF, researchers at NHH, and tested on various groups and teams at the University of Bergen. See for more information.

Olav Schewe

Learning in Business

Olav Schewe is an expert in learning, an international best-selling author, and a researcher. His books are among Norway's best-selling on effective learning, translated into 22 languages, and included in the curriculum at Harvard Graduate School of Education.


Olav originally holds a degree in economics from NHH and Oxford and has previously worked in Oslo and Singapore for companies such as EY, Statkraft, Hydro, and DNV. As a doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford and a member of Harvard University's Next Level Lab, he focuses on helping others achieve better results through effective learning.

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Student Perspective X Business

Are you interested in hearing what students think about education, talent recruitment, and development?

Are you wondering what attracts recent graduates, how to retain them in the organization, and how educational institutions can create these talents?


We at Studentstemme invite you to a workshop where you in the business world can meet students to discuss these very topics!



Global Resource Equities

To achieve the climate change targets set out in the Paris Agreement, a transition to a low-carbon world will be needed. In order to keep to these targets the entire energy and food and water value chain will need to be transformed. This requires monumental investment. As a result, capital will be redistributed on an unprecedented scale, with investment opportunities across many sectors and industries.


This is a long term, multi decade structural change, not a short term one and will create opportunities for companies to achieve strong, real profit growth, which translates into added value for shareholders.

Time and location

Global Resource Equities 

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Læring i Næringslivet

Time: TBA

Hva, hvordan, hvem? (Rafto)

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Start smart 

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